Fungus cure-How to prevent fingernail fungus

fingernail fungus cures that work : Although it may seem obvious, correct hygiene of the feet is essential to prevent the proliferation of fungus under nails. We must also try not to keep them moist for a long time.

Fungus cure

Also known as Onychomycosis, fingernail fungus is a very common condition that mostly affects hands and feet.

It is caused by microscopic parasites that tend to proliferate in humid areas and in times of high heat.

Fungi on the nails are not very aesthetic as they cause changes in the color, shape, and texture of the nail. So much so, Fungus causes a lot of problems!

In the most severe cases, the complete destruction of the affected nail can be produced, which can be terrible and that is why it is so important to prevent its appearance.

Try to keep feet clean and dry

Keeping hands and feet always clean and dry is a necessary measure to prevent the appearance of fungi, as they grow and develop in damp and dark places.

It is essential to carry out a good hygiene, preferably with a neutral pH soap or gel that prevents skin irritation and decreased defenses.
You must be sure to dust them with antibacterial talc and always change the socks or stockings after doing any physical activity.

Keep in mind that this will also help you to avoid the fungi that grow between the toes. This kind of fungus is just as annoying as those of the nails because they cause irritation and bad smell.
It is very important that you do not forget to dry your hands and feet very well after washing them or after doing any type of physical activity.

The most normal thing is that at this point they are very sweaty. Make sure you do not overlook the interdigital area.

This is an area that we do not always dry well and from there the fungus can spread to other areas.

Keep your nails short

An excellent measure to prevent the fungus symptoms and the appearance of other conditions is to clip the nails.

You should always try to make a straight and clean cut. Avoid leaving irregular edges and try to cut the corners of the nails.

This will prevent them from growing inside the skin and giving rise to what we know as ingrown toenails, which are very annoying and painful.
It is also convenient to clean and disinfect previously the tools that are going to be used for manicure and pedicure.

Fingernail fungus is very contagious and if you use an infected nail clipper, you can easily develop the problem.

If you do not have another option, it is recommended to clean the sharp area with alcohol.

Wear comfortable shoes

Fungi under nails tend to develop in those parts that are under greater pressure. Therefore, to prevent fungus in the nails is essential to wear a pair of comfortable shoes. Also, we must complement it with the use of socks or breathable socks.

Try to ventilate at night the shoes that you have worn all day and avoid sharing shoes, socks, and stockings in order to avoid a fungal infection.

If the footwear got wet, it should be dried very well before re-use to prevent it from becoming a focus of infections.

Use talcum powder

The use of some specific products such as talcum powder is good for decreasing the moisture in the feet.

These should be used in conjunction with creams to keep the skin hydrated and prevent the appearance of wounds or chafing.

In this way, in addition to preventing the proliferation of fungi, we also prevent the appearance of the bad smell of feet.

Use antifungal creams

Another fungus cure is the use of antifungal creams.

The use and application of antifungal creams or lotions topically is an excellent way to prevent the appearance of fungi on nails.

They will also allow you to treat any type of infection that has already begun to form. Keep in mind that you should consult your doctor so that he recommends the appropriate cream according to your problem

. The appearance of fungus on the nails is usually the nightmare of men and women alike. Not only is it an aesthetic problem, but it can also generate more serious problems.

Lastly, the antifungal creams are useful in reducing the fungus symptoms.